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January 1915

Oliver Tidy Lost at Sea

On New Year’s Day 1915, news came of the sinking of HMS Formidable with the loss of 547 of her 747 crew. Among the dead was Able Seaman Oliver Tidy of Ewhurst. He was 21 and his parents lived at Plough Farm. Formidable had been engaged in exercises off Start Point, South Devon, when she was hit by a torpedo from a German U-boat.

A memorial service was held at Ewhurst Congregational Church on Tuesday 9th January. The Rev. Gabriel Woodward conducted the service.

National Day of Intercession

January 3rd was declared a National Day of Intercession and the Parish Magazine reported that offerings would be given to the British Red Cross Society and Order of the Hospital of St John

Fund raising for local relief fund.

Fundraising for the local war relief fund continued. A concert was held in the church hall and concluded with a patriotic tableaux. The Surrey Advertiser reported on January 9th that “An entertainment was held in the church hall on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings in aid of local relief funds. A most interesting programme was arranged by Miss Withall. ‘The Sleeping Beauty’ acted by school children was greatly appreciated, the characters being taken by the following, King, Harry Potter; Queen, Lily Sherlock; Prince Stanley Walker; Princess, May Hubbard; Nurse, May Ansell, Wicked Fairy, Gwen Jones’ Good Fairies, Eileen Ansell, Helen Samson, Ivy Buckman, Dora Coldman, Alice Dyer and Kitty Mennell. The Ewhurst Orchestra conducted by Mr N. Whitty gave pleasing music during the evening. The Tennis Club and others acted an amusing farcical comedy entitled ‘The Vicar’s Daughter’. Mr A Withall as the curate was very good and ‘Tommy Trotter’ the page boy caused much laughter. Miss Walker, Miss Ledger, Miss Dean and other ladies as spinsters in love with thee curate acquitted themselves well and Miss Saunders as the daughter of the actor Mr Will Wagg, the vicar was excellent. The programme was concluded with a splendid patriotic tableau of Britannia and her allies sustained as follows Britannia, Miss Withal; France, Miss Cooper; France and England, Miss Walker; Belgium, Miss Dean; Russia, Miss Ledger, Serbia, Miss Saunders and Japan, Miss Winch. The National Anthems of each were played by Miss Stephens. The sum of £8.11s.7d was realised and after expenses are paid nearly £6 will be given to Relief funds.”


February 1915